I actually finished inktober this year

Happy Halloween!

This has never really been my holiday. We don’t really decorate, the only movie I make sure to watch every year is Hocus Pocus, and I’ve never been through a haunted house. But I do like to try and participate in inktober sometimes!

For those who haven’t heard of it (though you probably have if you’re on Twitter or Instagram), it’s a daily drawing challenge for the month of October. Each day there’s a different prompt, but you don’t have to use them. All you have to do to participate is make one ink drawing a day. This year I followed @mosseryco’s prompt list over on insta because I liked theirs better than the official list.

I’m not the best artist in the world. I’m really not that good at all, like that’s not me fishing for compliments. It’s just me being honest. It’s a hobby of mine, something that can help my anxiety. But I’m 100% self taught and I’m winging it 100% of the time. 

drawing of a cat with large eyes sitting behind a large bubbling cauldron
drawing of a round cat with heart shaped nose sleeping in a round fish bowl
drawing of a kitten climbing a scratching post

One of the reasons I love inktober is because it encourages me to focus on just finishing a drawing rather than making something great. 

I’m my biggest critic for sure, and my own negativity has stopped me from drawing for months at a time. But with a daily drawing challenge, there’s no time for that. You just have to get something on the page and move on. If it sucks, you have a new prompt waiting in the morning.

Anxiety keeps me from art a lot. I follow so many talented people online and it’s hard not to compare. And then I feel guilty for hoarding so many supplies and not using them, but then I feel guilty for wasting them on crummy drawings or paintings. It’s a gross and completely useless cycle that I get trapped in often.

I’ve been neglecting my sketchbook for a while, but inktober let me have fun with it again.

I so missed doodling. Unfortunately, I also had about zero ideas of what I wanted to draw and hated everything I’ve tried to sketch in the past 3 months. But my first inktober doodle came out halfway cute, and something clicked. I decided to do a different cat doodle every day for the month (the rest are on my Twitter). For whatever reason, I don’t draw animals much (that shows in my drawings) but I love to draw squishy little cartoon kittens. I fully embraced the chance to unleash my inner cat obsessed dork and it was great.

drawing of a striped cat standing on its hind legs with stars in its eyes
drawing of a cat sitting on a brick wall facing a moonless, black sky
My marker started to die halfway through this one and I thoroughly gave up trying
drawing of a cat paw with claws showing, text that wraps around the paw at top and bottom reads 'touch the beans get the means'

For the first time this year really, I was actually having fun with pen and paper again. Granted, some days I gave up putting in any real effort, but still. I was enjoying it! 

I don’t have any great advice for artists because I’m about as mediocre as it gets. But I do think that if you’ve ever been interested in doodling or painting or doing any kind of art – you should just do it. It’s not about making something worth framing, it’s just about being creative and putting something on a page. Little kids don’t care if they go outside the lines or if they have a perfect understanding of perspective or realism. They just love scribbling with crayons. You can do that, too. Just draw and color and make art even it’s ugly. Like, look at this monstrosity of a cat. Who cares!!! It was fun to doodle. What else matters?

drawing of a cat standing on hind legs hula hooping
He is ugly and I love him anyway
drawing of a fluffy cat with wings floating
drawing of 3 fortune cookies. the bottom is cracked open and a cat is popping out of it with a fortune that says 'happy halloween'

Anyway, this was a rambly mess of a post. I’m just proud that I was able to finish inktober again for the first time in a few years!

If you participated and/or have shared your art online (inktober or not), send me a link so I can gush over your talent!

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