Are you registered to vote?

Hi friends.

There is so much at stake in this upcoming election. It is quite literally, and terrifyingly, a matter of survival. For disabled people, the lgbtq+ community, BIPOC, immigrants. For that matter, given our current administrations disregard for climate change or any science at all, the entire planet is at stake. If you think that we’ll be fine for another 4 years with Trump, you have immense privilege and/or have not truly been paying attention. Many of us will not survive another 4 years with Trump. Hundreds of thousands have already died, and that’s only looking at Covid stats.

He does not care about you. He doesn’t care about anyone that isn’t him. The republican party is all about power and money and we need to vote Trump out. That’s all there is to say. We need to get him out.

So – have you checked your voter registration?

Even if you’re super sure you’re good to go, check just in case anyway. Make sure your address doesn’t need to be updated. Different states have different deadlines for absentee ballots – here’s an article where you can find more about your state. Request your ballot if you haven’t already!

This election is so unbelievably important, but it’s not the end. There’s so much work to be done, whether or not Biden wins. Everyone has something they can do to help, even if they can’t vote this November. And I know that not everyone can. Voter suppression is a very real thing, we have some backwards laws, and some are too young. I get it.

But if you CAN vote, please, please, PLEASE – do not throw that chance away. I know a lot of people think their one vote doesn’t matter, but that is what they want you to think. Making you reach a point of hopelessness that leads to inaction helps them win.

Don’t give up. Vote. And then we’ll keep working.

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