5 Interabled couples that will make you swoon! #100outof100

Dr. Phil said “100 out of 100 relationships that involve caregiving fail.” Here are 5 couples proving him wrong.

Recently, Dr. Phil (ugh, I know, just stay with me) aired an episode featuring an interabled couple. The man was disabled and his girlfriend was responsible for his day to day care. In this episode, he told the struggling couple that the reason for all of their problems is that their relationship involved caregiving. Not only that, but as he talked to this couple who came to him looking for help and for hope, he told his girlfriend that she had to choose between being his lover or his caregiver because “100 out of 100 relationships that involve caregiving fail.”

Y I K E S.

But enough about Dr. Phil. After the episode aired, the disabled community didn’t hesitate to call him out on how ableist and wildly incorrect his statements are. Pretty soon, my Instagram feed was filled with #100outof100 and wowie. My heart has officially been melted. So, I thought I’d share some gems from the tag because we all could use some more love on our timeline!

Mattie and Bethany Rose

Starting out so strong with these two babes who actually started the tag! Going on five years of marriage and doing great. This is the content I’m here for. I’ve shared Mattie’s post, but you should definitely follow them both!

Shane and Hannah

I’ve mentioned Shane before because I’ve actually been a huge fan of his writing for a long time. Going back to the Tumblr days *cringe*. Hannah and Shane’s relationship is so cute it’s absurd, and they’ve got an incredible Youtube channel where they raise awareness for interabled couples and disability. They have a vlog talking about the Dr. Phil episode in detail if you’re interested in learning more! Also, they turned him down which is oh so satisfying.

Rebekah and Micah

I’ve followed Rebekah for a while now because her feed is always great. But look at these cuties. I mean, come on. If those photos don’t leave you cheesin’ then you’re probably dead inside.

Cole and Charisma

I found these babes while scrolling through the tag and instantly had to follow. Doesn’t their photo look like a movie poster? I’d watch that romcom in a second. Turns out they’ve got the next best thing – a Youtube channel documenting their lives together! Go check it out and fall in love with them just like I have.

Julia and Kevin

What I loved most about Julia’s post, aside from that gorgeous photo, was the story she shared. Caregiving and disability isn’t always fun or romantic or even all that comfortable. But it’s reality. And as a disabled woman I know it can be easy to fall into a negative thought pattern and follow that until you feel ashamed.

I think a lot of abled people assume that needing help, especially with things like going to the bathroom, must be the worst thing in the world and they’d never be able to handle it. But Julia’s post shows that you know what? It might be a little embarrassing sometimes, but it’s also just a part of a loving relationship. A normal, happy, healthy relationship.

I love this tag for a bunch of reasons. Mostly because I live for proving crusty old white men wrong. But also because ya girl is single as heck and it gives me hope for my future. Even though I know in my heart that being disabled doesn’t make me incapable of being loved, it’s still nice to be reminded from time to time. Internalized ableism is something I’ve had to continually unlearn, and dating has been a bit of a sore spot for me over the years. Seeing all the couples sharing their #100outof100 stories gives me tangible proof that all the things I’ve been known to tell myself are completely false.

Plus, they’re all just so damn cute.

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