18 Things I learned in 2018

 before I completely say goodbye to one of my least favorite years, here are 18 things I learned in 2018.

Happy new year, everyone! It blows my mind that it’s already 2019 and I’ll be turning 27 this month, but honestly, what I feel more than anything is just relief that 2018 is over. There were good days and small chunks of time where I was happy and laughing and life was great. But overall it was a really crummy, hard year. I’ve been in a real funk for the past several months, and I’m hoping the new year pulls me out of it soon!

But before I completely say goodbye to one of my least favorite years, here are 18 things I learned in 2018.

  1. It’s better to get your hopes up and deal with the disappointment than to tell yourself nothing good will ever happen and feel like you’ve been proven right. Good things will happen and hope matters.
  2. Jobs are hard and scary, but not in the ways you imagined they would be as a kid.
  3. Sometimes life will throw shit at you. Again, And again. And again. Deal with it and move on. No shitstorm is permanent.
  4. Creativity isn’t always constant. It has highs and lows like everything else. But being in a low doesn’t mean you’ve lost it, it just means you’ve got another high to look forward to.
  5. It’s okay to take breaks from the things you love. They will wait for you to find your way back when you’re ready.
  6. It’s not fair to resent the people you love for succeeding without you. They are not what is standing in your way.
  7. Nothing good ever came from jealousy. Stop torturing yourself.
  8. Seeing your favorite band since you were 10 years old will be worth the money when you’re crying happy tears and screaming lyrics you used to write in your notebooks during class.
  9. If you’re worried someone is upset with you, talk to them. Don’t just sit and spiral out of control in your head – be honest and ready to make things right if necessary. You can always set things right.
  10. Lower your unreasonably high expectations of others. They will let you down just like you’ve let them down. And that’s okay. You will learn and grow together.
  11. It’s okay to be angry about things that are unfair and cruel. Now use that anger to do something good.
  12. Learn to love the pictures even where you think you look terrible. You were happy, laughing, and with the people you love. Nothing else matters.
  13. Trust more people. If you give them the chance to be good, they just might surprise you. But also, trust yourself, too.
  14. Make things. Stop quitting because it’s ugly or hard or not what you had in mind. Just love the act of making things and eventually you’ll make things you love.
  15. It’s not their fault you’re unhappy.
  16. Life is hard and mean and messy and relentlessly difficult. And it really sucks. In ways that words can’t even do justice. It’s still worth it.
  17. A little bit of something good is always better than nothing at all.
  18. You can always be better, but you will always be enough.

Bring it on, 2019.

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