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I’ve recently fallen in love with podcasts and thought I’d share my current favorites! Click to see which one’s are perfect for cheering you up, which will get you thinking, and which ones you should binge at work!

My favorite thing about my job is that I get to put in headphones during my shift because I hate working in silence. My mind wanders and I get too sleepy. Getting to listen to your favorite band is great, but I’ve discovered that I especially love listening to podcasts during my shifts!

I do that thing where I check the clock constantly. Every time a song would end I’d look to see what time it was without even thinking about it. With a good podcast, though, I just get sucked into the conversation and next thing I know two hours have flown by.

I’m not new to podcasts necessarily, but it’s only recently that I’ve really fallen in love with them. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it really difficult to find a good podcast so I wanted to share my current favorites!

Serial (s1)

I think everyone has heard of Serial, but for those who haven’t, you’ve got to check it out. In the first season, you learn all about a murder case and how a guy might have been wrongfully convicted. It takes you through the entire case and it’s so hard to not binge it in one go. Even though most people already know of this one, I wanted to include it because it was the first podcast that I ever got into.

My friends and I would listen together over Skype and were so stoked for S2 when it came out, but I couldn’t get into the new story. S1 is incredible, though, and will make you tear your hair out in the best way. If anyone has any podcasts similar to Serial, please send them my way! I haven’t found another like it.

Two Chicks and the Plural of Apocalypse

I mean, I have to share this one because it was created by my friend! It’s definitely not going to be for everyone, but if you like the show Supernatural/are thinking of watching it, it’s really fun. She watches every episode with her friend who’s never seen the show before and they talk about what happened and gush and fangirl. You can watch along with them, which I recommend! Everyone has that friend they nerd out together with, and that’s what this podcast is.

Id10t with Chris Hardwick

Chris is such a lovable host and his podcasts are just fun to listen to because it’s basically just a conversation with friends. Everyone comes on and laughs it’s not usually that serious or deep, though it has its moments. There are SO many episodes which are great for binging at work. Plus, because there are so many different people you have a pretty good chance at finding at least a handful of episodes you’ll be interested in.

[IMG Description: my iPod laying on my desk with the Id10t podcast playing on screen.]

Hannahlyze This

This is a pretty new one! It’s Hannah Hart and her best friend Hannah Gelb, who are absolutely hilarious together. In one episode, they went into one of those float tanks like in Stranger Things and talked about their experiences. In another, they talk about sleeping with their exes. It’s always a different topic and it’s a great listen to kill a half hour with! Hannah Hart is one of my favorite people and I’m so stoked that she’s started this series.

Ladies Who Lunch

This one is also two best friends, Cat and Ingrid. They start each episode with a new snack or meal before diving into topics like sexuality, jealousy, racism, etc. At the end, they take letters from listeners and respond with advice or encouragement.

They usually tackle some more heavy subjects, so it’s not something I usually listen to at work. It’s too easy to get invested and really distracted! It’s really interesting, though, because they disagree fairly often so you get a well-rounded conversation between two amazing women. Girl power, yanno?

Not Too Deep

I had to throw in Grace Helbig’s podcast! She has a new guest each episode, usually a Youtuber, and they have a silly conversation that never gets too deep. It’s perfect for when you just want something to make you laugh. It kind of feels like you’re hanging out with friends, which is a nice way to feel when you’re bored at work!

Armchair Expert

I’ve recently fallen in love with podcasts and thought I’d share my current favorites! Click to see which one’s are perfect for cheering you up, which will get you thinking, and which ones you should binge at work!
[IMG Description: my iPod laying on my desk with the Armchair Expert podcast playing on screen.]
Last but not least! This one is my current favorite. It’s Dax Shepard’s new project and I, for reasons I haven’t totally worked out, find him fascinating. He’s got a less than perfect past, but he’s worked so hard to change and better himself. He’s got no shortage of stories and sometimes I find myself actively trying not to laugh out loud in my super quiet office.

His interviews always feel pretty relaxed, which I like. At the end, his producer fact checks everything he said which I find really funny and endearing. The other great thing is that the episodes are around 2 hours long so they make my shift fly by. I just really love learning about people and listening to their stories, so this podcast is ideal for me.

What’s your favorite podcast at the moment? Send me recommendations!

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