We Only Have One Brain, So Let’s Fuel It Right!

The better you look after your mental health, the easier it becomes to use your brain to the best of your ability. So, what can you do to help improve your brain?
Being a human is hard, and we’ve all got our stressors. Whether it’s a difficult job or living with a disability, life can leave us feeling anxious from time to time. When that happens, your brain starts to work overtime. While there isn’t some easy way to ditch your anxiety, it’s still important to take care of your brain and that you know how to fuel it correctly. The better you look after your noggin, the easier it becomes to use it to the best of your ability. So, what can you do to help take care of your brain?


We can get hung up on the past and we can worry about the future. At the end of the day, this is only going to leave you feeling drained. By embracing mindfulness, or meditating in one form or another, you are going to help relax your mind and gain clearer focus. Get into the habit of closing your eyes for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening and focus on your breathing. It’s an easy starting point! I know it can be difficult and feel silly at first, but it’s definitely worth trying.


Fun fact, your brain is made up of 73% water. Not only that, but drinking a glass of water can make your brain 14% faster. Now, I know first hand that it’s super easy to forget to drink. Buuut when you’re stressed out or struggling under pressure, it’s especially important to not get dehydrated. Having packs of bottled water on standby could help get you into the habit of drinking often. You can also set alarms on your phone to remind you every few hours or use an app.

Eat Right

Filling your body with the right nutrients helps fuel your brain properly. If you don’t have enough of the omega-3 fatty acids, as well as various vitamins like B6, B12, as well as vitamin D, you could be making things harder on yourself. Cutting out sugar and caffeine can also help, but I definitely haven’t mastered that yet. Obviously, I’m not exactly an expert on any of this, so if you’re not sure what to eat Pinterest has pretty much every healthy recipe you could think of!

The better you look after your mental health, the easier it becomes to use your brain to the best of your ability. So, what can you do to help improve your brain?

Socialize Right

If you spend a lot of time indoors, isolation can start to screw with your head. Socializing has many positive effects on anybody’s personality, but it’s also really important for your mental health. Socializing can be a huge positive influence on your life. Also, by interacting with a diverse group of people, you are challenging yourself in more ways than you would at home where you can, to an extent, control your environment. If you can’t get out to spend time with people, take advantage of social media! Hop on a livestream and start chatting with people with the same interests, start a blog, or get a pen pal – there are so many different ways to make friends.

Keep Learning

One of the best things about graduating is having the time to learn exactly what you want to. Our brains can be trained and retrained to retain more information, so figure out what you’re interested in and go for it! Learn an instrument, do a puzzle, learn a language, anything that you find fun and challenging. This is how your brain develops more connections and strengthens you overall.

These are simple hacks, yeah, but we only have one brain so we should be taking care of it! At the end of the day, we all have our crap we’re dealing with and we need our brain to cooperate with us so we can get through it, and these are the very basics to help improve your mental health.

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