Disabled Content Creators You Need In Your Life Right Now!

Disabled Content Creators You Need In Your Life Right Now. I’ve discovered so many talented people who consistently post badass, educational, and super entertaining content.

Hi, everyone! My last post, which was about ableism and eugenics, was a little draining to write. While I think the message was important, it just wasn’t the easiest thing to work on for two days. So to cheer myself up, I wanted to write something a little more fun for today!

I figured it’s time to share my favorite disabled content creators. Growing up, I never really had anyone that was like me to look up to. No one in movies or on tv, not really anyone in school, and definitely not online. As silly as it sounds to me now, I had no idea how many disabled people there really are, and I had no access to a community like I do now.

Being a part of my community has been invaluable to me, and I’ve discovered so many talented people who consistently post badass, educational, and super entertaining content.

So with that being said, here are some of my favorites that you need to check out, like, right now!

Annie Elainey | Youtube Channel

Per Annie’s bio, she is a chronically ill, disabled, queer, Latinx, woman of color advocate. Be still my heart, she’s so incredibly talented! Her videos are super educational, she sings, she’s creative, and she can basically rock any style she feels like. She discusses topics like seeking a diagnosis, accessibility, representation, and more. I’ve already learned so much from her and she makes me feel like we can take on the whole world. She’s posted some amazing covers as well, and sometimes she does fun creative projects.

Chronically Jaquie | Youtube Channel

Jaquie is a chronically ill daily vlogger who posts videos about her disabilities, her service dog, and whatever is going on in her daily life. She’s always so open about her health and has dedicated herself to educating and raising awareness on things like feeding tubes, invisible illnesses, autism, and more. She also has two Instagram accounts, one for her and one for her service pup Harlow, which kind of serve as mini blogs. I love her updates and her positivity!

Sitting Pretty LOLO | Youtube Channel

Lolo has such a positive, fun vibe to her videos. She created her series, Sitting Pretty, to share her life and experiences as a disabled woman. She’s out there showing the world that a life in a wheelchair doesn’t have to be sad or depressing! She has a bunch of dating videos which I love because I don’t see content about disabled dating very often. Also, she’s heckin’ gorgeous. Like, model gorgeous. Check her out, fall in love.

Rikki Poynter | Youtube Channel

Rikki is a deaf vlogger who posts all about deafness, accessibility, ASL, and more. I’ve learned so much about the deaf community, their culture, and language through her which is incredible. I tend to focus on content from wheelchair users since that’s where I’m comfortable and feel I fit in, but Rikki introduced me to a whole new side of the disability community. It’s important to get more than one perspective, y’know? Her videos are so well done and I always look forward to a new upload from her.

Kayla Whaley | Website

Let me tell you about this little peach. She’s an INCREDIBLE writer and fellow stationery lover. Her essays make me want to weep, they’re so good. I’ll never forget reading “Nobody Catcalls the Woman in the Wheelchair” because it felt like she wrote it just for me, and man. When a writer can do that, you know they’re a gem. She’s honestly goals. Goals as heck. Please PLEASE read her essays.

Sarah | Blog

You guys have seen me mention my friend, Sarah, before! She’s also started her own blog, which is super exciting! She writes all about her life and what it’s like living with Spina Bifida. She’s a super sarcastic girl who has no problem telling you what she’s thinking, and she has so many stories to tell. She’s had more surgeries than I can count and never once showed an ounce of fear or any sign of it affecting her outlook on life. Seriously, I don’t think I could work her up if I tried, which is something I really envy about her. Always calm and collected, but probably ready to fight.

Shane Burcaw | Website

Shane was the first disabled blogger I ever stumbled upon, and a huge reason why I ever started looking into finding other disabled content creators or started writing about my own experiences. He has SMA and started his blog, Laughing at My Nightmare, to share stories of his life and his disease. He’s the kind of funny that catches you off guard. He never holds back from the details that most people would be too shy to share, and he keeps going until you’re cry laughing and binge reading everything he’s posted.

Also, he’s turned his blog into a massive career. He has a book out, two more on the way, and Laughing at My Nightmare is now a non-profit! He travels the country doing speeches and helps families get the adaptive equipment they need.

When Tania Talks | Blog

Tania is a UK based lifestyle blogger who writes about things like fashion (which I love because I don’t know anything about fashion), beauty, chronic illness, and disability. She just looks like she has her life under control and it makes me want to get mine under control, too. If you’re looking for wheelchair friendly fashion advice, she’s your lady!

I think it’s important that we all consume more diverse media, and the world needs more disabled voices in the spotlight. These are just a few of my favorite content creators right now, but I’d absolutely love to find more. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

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