30 More fun things to do while homebound

Without a doubt, one of my most popular posts has been 30 fun things to do while homebound. I’m not homebound full time, but I have been before. And I do still spend the vast majority of my time in my apartment. It gets boring and lonely real quick. So, I figured it was time to come up with some new ideas of how to spend your time at home!

Get creative

One of my favorite ways to spend my time is finding some way to be creative. Whether that’s doing a craft with my mom or doodling in my sketchbook, it just feels good to know that I’ve made something.

1. Embroider your favorite quote
2. Paint scenes from the show you’re watching
3. Write a song
4. Order an art project kit online
5. Decorate a picture frame
6. Write a short story using a prompt generator

Start cooking

Eating is something that if I didn’t absolutely have to do, I probably wouldn’t. I’m just not a big food person. It’s more than just being picky (which I am) I’m just indifferent to even my favorite meals most days. But one thing that helps with that is getting more involved with your meals. Making and eating fun things! Or at least getting out of a rut where you eat the same few things for a month straight. I can’t actually cook myself, so if you’re in the same boat as me, you could pick any of these ideas and invite someone over to help you out.

7. Learn how to cook one of your favorite meals from your childhood
8. Bake cookies and decorate them with a theme of your choosing
9. Make the world’s best snack plate, because it’s been scientifically proven snack food is the best food
10. Try to cook that thing you saw on Food Network that made your mouth water
11. Find a new recipe and make something you’ve never tried before
12. Make your best friends favorite meal and invite them over for a surprise

Be social

One of the hardest things about being homebound is being lonely. If you’re able to, inviting people over often can make being at home much more bearable. If none of your friends live nearby, get creative over skype! My best friends used to do everything via video chat.

13. Host a dinner party
14. Invite your friends over to binge a new show together
15. Have a yard sale and have your friends bring their stuff to sell too
16. Invite your friends over for a game night – make them all bring one game and one snack
17. Start a book club with your friends or family
18. Have a slumber party just like you used to as a kid

Get productive

If nothing else, being at home all day every day means you have plenty of time to get things done that other people complain about needing to do. Sometimes it feels really good to do the tedious boring things. Sure, cleaning sucks. But waking up to a clean room is great.

19. Clean out your closet, keep the clothes you actually feel good in
20. Get your inbox back down to 0 unread emails
21. Organize your hard drive
22. Take care of the clutter that’s been bothering you for weeks
23. Start a decent skin care routine
24. Start that project you’ve been wanting to do forever but have been too intimidated to work on

Do something fun

You deserve to treat yourself and have fun! Not every waking moment has to be productive or serious. Just let yourself have a good time, whatever that means for you. And never feel guilty about it, either.

25. Start a D&D campaign
26. Get a library card – lots of libraries have programs for people who are homebound or apps for ebooks and audio books
27. Replay your favorite video game from the very beginning, try a new difficulty level
28. Spoil your pet even more than usual, record it and make a cute video documenting them having the best day
29. Rent a movie you haven’t seen yet (and if you really want to go all out, get take out, too)
30. Spend the day pampering yourself – go all out with a bubble bath, face masks, a guilt free nap, etc.

I hope this helps you think of some new ways to spend your time while homebound! What’s your favorite homebound activity?

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