2017 vs 2018 Goals

I'm not one for super intense/strict resolutions, but I love setting little goals for myself. Read to see what I accomplished in 2017 and what my goals for 2018 are!

Happy new year, everyone! 2018 is officially here, which still kinda freaks me out, to be honest. I spent new years eve with one of my very best friends, Sam, and we had a surprisingly amazing night? I mean, I knew I’d have a good time with her, but I was worried the night would feel like a dud because we weren’t going out.

Nope! I think I laughed more than I had in months, and even though all we did was play board games and eat snacks (and watch the neighbors shoot off maybe illegal fireworks?) it was super ideal. Look at us being cute as heck!

With new years come resolutions, which I am both a fan of but also hate? I’m not the kind of person to make grand resolutions to make myself a better person, partly because I can never commit to them long term but also because it’s a real easy way to start the year by putting myself in a reaaaal unhealthy mindset. I think my feelings can be summed up by this tweet from Matt Haig:

I do like to set goals, though! There are so many things I like to do, and as an anxious person, I need to put them into a list before I ever feel like I can achieve them. 2017 sort of kicked my ass, but I still managed to tick a few off my list!

2017 goals

I'm not one for super intense/strict resolutions, but I love setting little goals for myself. Read to see what I accomplished in 2017 and what my goals for 2018 are!
[IMG description: 2017 bullet journal spread: on the left page, mini monthly calendars from the months of April – December 2017. On the right, a list of my 2017 goals.]

Fill a sketchbook

Nope, not even close. I have a bad habit of starting multiple notebooks/sketchbooks instead of sticking to just one. Plus, when I get in a bad mood I’m rarely motivated to draw… so… yeah I didn’t do this one.

Get a job

Yesss!!! *shoots confetti* I am a workin’ woman!

Save money

I didn’t save a ton, but I did save a little bit, so I’m counting it as a success. I had enough for the holidays, which was definitely a huge help! I can’t legally save very much anyway (because I receive SSI), so really I just wanted to be a little more careful with my spending.

Write something every week

I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I completed this one. I /think/ I did, but if not, it was definitely close. I’m happy with what I did manage!

Read 25 books

L O L. I think I read two. Oops? That’s so sad to type out, but it was a hard year, okay? Let’s just move on to the next one *nervous laughter*

Try something new every month

I did this one!! From exploring new places, going to Pride, to starting this blog! I had so much fun forcing myself to try at least one new thing, no matter how small.

So, about half and half I guess! I’m pretty happy with that. My goals are just a loose idea of how I want my year to look, but life happens and priorities change, so I don’t get too down on myself if a a few get left behind.

I’ve come up with a list of 2018 goals, and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve come up with!

2018 goals

Fill a sketchbook

I’m determined to try this one again and to be successful. I got a really nice new Moleskine for Christmas that’s calling my name!

Find a permanent position

I have a job, but it could potentially end next month. I want to either get extended/hired on permanently or find a permanent position at a new company in 2018. Fingers crossed!

Get a tattoo

I’ve wanted to get one for years, so I really want to finally go for it! I’ve got three ideas that I’m dying to get, but I’m pretty poor so we’ll see!

Talk to more people

I struggle with it, but I also really enjoy talking to people. I’m always so shy and anxious so I’m hoping to meet new people and have more conversations, whether they’re online or in person. Honestly, I don’t have the highest of hopes, but.

Eat at a new Disney restaurant

I feel like this is a silly goal, but whatever dudes. I just want a character dining experience because I never have before. I’m so stoked for a new year filled with Disney days!!

Explore my state more

There’s so much right in front of me to see, whether that be state parks or cafes, and I just want to make an effort to appreciate my state as much as I can. I can’t travel currently, so I might as well make the best of whats available to me! Plus, I really do love Florida, so I want to adventure around and see what all it has to offer.

I also made a few little goals for my blog, but I’ll keep those short and sweet:

Blogging goals

  1. Make my blog more accessible
  2. Put more time into my photos
  3. Write what makes me happy, not what I think I should

I feel like my list might not seem super ambitious to everyone, but I’m pretty content with it. There’s a lot more short term things I’d like to accomplish, but these are my main focus/priority for the year currently. Wish me luck everyone! I’m sort of notorious for getting bored or distracted, so we’ll see what happens. No matter the outcome, I’m excited to see how I do at the end of the year!

What are your goals for 2018?

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